About Wilsonville

Wilsonville is located less than 20 miles from Downtown Portland and 29 miles from Portland International Airport.

The area has an efficient transportation hub, with I-5 bisecting the community, a regional airport next door and many commuter options including Oregon’s first heavy-rail commuter train and a locally-controlled transit system. Wilsonville also has great schools, favorable taxes compared to other major metropolitan areas, a high quality of life, both affluent and affordable residential communities and city infrastructure that enhances the area growth and makes it an ideal location to live and work.

Wilsonville has a diverse economy strengthened by leading firms in the high-tech industry ranging from FLIR, Mentor Graphics, Xerox and Rockwell Collins, to numerous distribution centers and manufactures including Coca-Cola Bottling, FOODesign Machinery & Systems, Sysco Food Service (of Portland Inc.) and Orepac. About half of this growth is expected to be in jobs with higher-than-average pay, such as manufacturing. Wilsonville’s largest business cluster is in advanced manufacturing. Software and technology represent Wilsonville’s second largest cluster including businesses in the fields of switching technology, connectors, optics, data storage, automation systems, imaging, communication and aviation solutions, navigational software and design automation. In recent years, medical products manufacturing and distribution have begun to emerge as their own distinct cluster in Wilsonville. Many corporations have taken note to Portland’s ease of transportation and have moved production to this area.. Rite Aid consolidated facilities from Utah and Washington to Wilsonville for easier access to their 300 stores in the Pacific Northwest within one days’ drive; and Nordstrom moved it’s warehouse from Seattle to Portland in order to better serve the Pacific Northwest Region.


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